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The Transformation in How to Chase Talent

Topics: Culture, Psychometrics, People Analytics, Human Capital, Social Enterprise, HRTech, Human Resources, Apprenticeships
November 16th 2017, WCIT Hall Barbican

The hiring market doesn’t look anything like it did ten years ago. In fact, it doesn't have all that much in common with how it looked one year ago. Technological disruption has led to a wealth of data on candidates, altered employee expectations of the workplace and has blurred the lines between work and home life. But how can you use data-driven approaches to attract talent today? And how can you be sure these approaches won’t become irrelevant within a few years?

Our group of panelists will explore how hiring managers’ mindsets have had to change with digital disruption, and outline how they can use data to improve the success of their talent acquisition strategies.

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Gary Brown

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Pablo Ettinger

Co-founder Caffe Nero
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Eric Sandosham

Co-founder Red & White LLP
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Steven Marcelino

Founder of YIPA
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Dr Tania Peitzker

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Brett Akker

Co-founder of Lovespace
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James Grant

Founder of Weavee
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