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Making Digital Transformation Stick: Cloud & Big Data

Equinix | 11 Devonshire Square | London | EC2M 4YR
Thu 7th March 2019 18:00 – 20:30 GMT

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What is WeVent?

WeVent is the perfect forum for those seeking discussions and thought leadership from successful entrepreneurs, high growth businesses and key figures supporting the growth of London

We host events for charities in London to help improve access to Information Technology for people of disadvantaged backgrounds

Topics: Psychometrics, People Analytics, Human Capital, Social Enterprise, HRTech, Human Resources, Cloud, Digital Transformation, Big Data, Analytics, Automation, Technology, AI

WeVent's speaker community

Become a speaker: events@weavee.co.uk

Gary Brown

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Pablo Ettinger

Co-founder Caffe Nero
Wevent guest speaker pablo 872b51a60a30efae17db4c0ddca2ff007aa726d4a6457ddb740f881cc3597f98

Eric Sandosham

Co-founder Red & White LLP
Wevent guest speaker eric b289a0739d9fd4c557ed0a3864211c6f21bbec3cff01de2cf9c1c518e2f7d9d3

Steven Marcelino

Founder of YIPA
Wevent guest speaker marcelino 890e4437753908a04c5d37450cad9ad6ec984a979f9fa9f06714317301ea9eb6

Dr Tania Peitzker

Wevent guest speaker tania 2a6a2cdceab2fc1cc2145479844094e5ab5806b546a6fb582ea846d0729e61e1

Brett Akker

Co-founder of Lovespace
Wevent guest speaker brett 549b20057378eca3a5a01e3a0e23446dbf12620da97231e8688caf373451612a

Neil Farrell

Farrell Associates
Wevent guest speaker neil d28a4565256a5ad1cc14b9bda12085a4dd7f85fcaeb70f3b9a413ccb27b79dcd

Raj Hayer

Wevent guest speaker raj f71b4476015111a0609334c549d3af5d3259f16b0f7ec254bee4abd2bb0cd5a9

Nick Insley

Career Ready
Wevent guest speaker nick 811537b056502919d6b48963b2a5196e526a71492cced689ff63f0fe5b98933f

Robin Bailey

Wevent guest speaker robin 2c4a1ee8cec3cf35a1297be38f2a25b142ccc4a1e8fb14a06f36e9a78934285e

Jonathan Pfhal

Rockstar Group
Wevent guest speaker jonathan c67856500dfd6ef45c7d4251b197b08541f988b89d788241eae4124a2659c0b9

James Grant

Founder of Weavee
Wevent guest speakerjames a1d5ff75e9677ab721ac7356aaf3b9b1f98a7d5feb661cdd87aca637d9852659

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